The Kriller’s, Kriller’s Banana and the Kriller’s Garlic

The Krillers contain three outstanding fishmeals…
We have blended two fresh fishmeal’s LT94 & a highly soluble pre-digested, complimented further with the highest content of lysine rich Krill meal being 20%.¬†We could’ve added more but with krill being very light it will add buoyancy to the bait if the levels are too high. We elevated the base with copious amounts of pure krill hydrolysate and krill oil to help boost the attraction of this legendary bait.
Consisting of high quality milk powder WPC90, fermenting maize protein, essential amino acids. This vitamin rich bait utilises a blend of fine spices and Himalayan salt that compliments the bait just perfectly.
Its a seriously krilly smelling bait and highly effective. To give the bait credit it has accounted for literally thousands of big fish all over the continent to in excess of 80lb. With a nutritional profile second to none this superb fishmeal is a contender to stand its ground as being one of the highest quality krill boilies on the market.

The Krillers
The Krillers

Also available two classic twists

Krillers Garlic & Krillers Banana:

The Krillers